Autumn decor to hang around your home

Autumn decor to hang around your home for a sweet transition to winter

After the freshness of spring and the heat of summer, here is autumn! A season a little between the two whose assets are numerous. Basically, a period that deserves to be properly welcomed! In this context, the editorial staff of has taken you a number of ways to tame and learn how to appreciate the season in question. Given the fact that during these last months, we lived a lot outdoors to make the most of the long summer days, the coming months are an invitation to spend more time at home. So, nothing like an autumn decor to suspend to feel good at home and to make a sweet transition to the winter season! DIY garlands made entirely of natural materials, chic and rustic crowns for the door, Halloween party … our record is full of inspirations! So, what are you waiting for?

Autumn decor to hang – various ideas for every taste!Autumn decor to hang around your home

To give a touch of youth to your interior decor or to liven up the outdoor atmosphere of your home, nothing like a pretty autumn decor to hang here and there. DIY ornaments based on natural materials are now available in all possible forms to embellish the home of each of you. Rustic, country chic or exotic, it ventures into every living room to dress the door. And the top of the fireplace, the walls and even some of your furniture! In addition, the autumn hanging decor designed with leaves, pine cones, chestnuts. Or dried corn will allow you to transform your decorative objects into masterpieces of contemporary art while making a sweet transition to winter.

In general, autumn is one of those special moments of the year when nature reveals its infinite generosity. For both children and adults, every walk in the park or in the forest becomes a treasure hunt. If you fall for the season in question, but you can not walk in nature whenever you want, leave the orange leaves aside and rely on the recovery materials. Thanks to these, you can make a multitude of garlands made of paper, cardboard, paste or felt. To prove it to you, will remain at your side by inspiring you with his easy DIY ideas and stacks in the autumn theme.

Autumn decor to hang made from natural materialsAutumn decor to hang around your home

Autumn will not be the same without an original DIY made from autumn leaves, is not it? Declined in golden, orange and shimmering tones these beautiful creations of the Mother Nature are even more breathtaking once put at home. So, while taking your little walk, collect some, give them a stroke of paint. Hang them upside down with a small fine thread viscose. And here it is a beautiful garland with a pretty Autumnal note to your interior decor!

Once put in a painting, the autumn leaves can be used for the realization of several decorative compositions. And no, we’re not just talking about autumn door wreaths. Garlands, paintings or suspensions … the dead leaves give free rein to all your creative darings. Roughly, they marry perfectly with acorns, chestnuts and pine cones, one of the emblematic symbols of autumn.

If you want to avoid any kind of decorations made from leaves, acorns, chestnuts, pine cones. And dried fruits are an excellent alternative to get off the beaten track. Easy to hang and super original once well decorated, pine cones warm the indoor atmosphere with their mere presence. This goes for acorns and chestnuts too. And to prove it to you we have selected a nice little tutorial in pictures to discover above!

The autumn decor to suspend reinvents itself and comes in the form of a pretty fruity garlandAutumn decor to hang around your home

In addition to leaves, pine cones, and acorns, the fall decor to be suspended comes in the form of several dried berries. So instead of throwing your citrus pucks, give them a second chance by letting them dry under the sun. If you want, you can also add leaves, cinnamon sticks, pretty pearls, flower petals or some nut shells. Thread everything on a long wire before hanging it on the window or on a tree branch, as shown in the example above. In the living room, the bedroom or above your outdoor table, the incomparable autumnal atmosphere is guaranteed!

Felt and autumn decor to suspend go hand in hand!Autumn decor to hang around your home

As already mentioned above, to realize an autumnal decoration worthy of its name, it is not necessary at all to live in the forest or near the park. You can always replace tassel garlands with some original DIY felt suspensions. This denier fits wonderfully with any type of DIY. This explains why it is also used to make decorations of spring, summer, and Christmas. So, if you run out of ideas or resources, comes to your rescue by offering you a wonderful project DIY felt decoration to try absolutely at home to welcome the back-season.

Felt suspensions are among the most adopted and interpreted decorations. Because of their ease of execution and the wide range of projects they offer. In most cases, these projects are ideal for even the youngest of you. The good news is that a garland can be made of various felt leaves. So their shapes and colors can vary according to your own desires. On the tutorial above, we have a nice playful suspension that promises to bring gaiety. And variety to the place where hung.