Keep your home healthy in times of coronavirus

Keep your home healthy in times of coronavirus

Now that it is up to all of us to stay home due to force majeure, what better way to take advantage of to do what we know we should do, but we do not do it for lack of time (or because we have better plans). In addition, we must think that given the circumstances, it is more important than ever to keep the house clean, sanitized, and in harmony.
Here are some keys to keep your home healthy in times of coronavirus in an easy and orderly way.

CleaningKeep your home healthy in times of coronavirus

Needless to say, it is important to have a clean and disinfected house, both to be more comfortable these days of confinement and, above all, to get rid of the damn virus. We know that sometimes it is very lazy, but right now we do not have many better things to do, so we can take advantage of doing a complete cleaning and disinfection and leaving our house like a whistle. We remind you of this post where we gave you some tricks to make this task more bearable and to always have our house clean.

It is very important that this is a task for the whole family, each one as far as possible, of course. This will make the work much more enjoyable and bearable and will help us to team up with our partner, children, etc.

VentilationKeep your home healthy in times of coronavirus

Almost as important as cleaning is ventilation. To maintain the quality of the indoor air, in addition to avoiding bad smells, condensation, a closed feeling, etc. it is essential that we ventilate every day. And even more so now that we are all day at home.

Normally between 5 and 10 minutes, a day would be enough, preferably in the morning when we get up. But these days of confinement we can take advantage and ventilate for a longer time to renew the air of the different rooms well. And if we can do cross ventilation, even better, since we will get more air to flow and reduce indoor humidity.


Perhaps it is not as important on a hygienic level as the previous two, but it is on the psychological and mood level. Now more than ever we need to see the sunlight so that the quarantine is as bearable as possible, so let’s raise the blinds well, draw curtains and let the sunlight pass as much as we can into our homes. In this post, we remind you of some tips to improve the lighting in your home.

We will soon be able to get out of the house again and enjoy the sunlight outdoors, but in the meantime, let him enter our homes and ourselves more than ever.

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