Keep your House Cosy in the Winter

During the winter months, we all do our best to stay cosy and warm. As Christmas approaches and temperatures plummet, we are all looking for ways to keep our homes snug into the festive season and beyond. But nobody wants to be spending a fortune on heating! Here are some ways that you can make sure that you are not wasting the warmth from your home, and you may even save on your heating bills!

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Check the ways heat may be escaping – Many people don’t realise that their homes are losing quite a bit of heat through things like pet doors and letterboxes. Have a check on these things in your home – you will be able to feel if there is a draught coming in. You can line them with a special sort of brush which will keep the cool out and the heat in.

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Look after your boiler – During the winter, our boilers get worked hard, and it is important to care for them well, as you would with any piece of machinery. If it needs work to be done on it make sure that you get a qualified professional like this boiler repair Gloucester based company HPR Services to do it.

Look at the layout of your rooms – When organising your rooms, have a look at where the furniture is – if you have a large items in front of the radiators, this will be causing the heat to be absorbed into that furniture and not circulate around the room.

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