Sewage smell in house

Sewage smell in house? Possible Causes and Solutions

Smells coming from the sewers (in jargon sewer fumes) can represent an annoying problem. Whether it occurs inside your home or in a work environment, it doesn’t matter: you just have to intervene and solve the problem!

What can Sewage smell in house depend on?

The causes are various, but the first cause of all is neglected maintenance of the sewage systems. In our experience, in 60% of cases, a problem of this type is solved with general cleaning of the sewer pipes through the canal jet.

However, in other cases, the cause lies in the siphon, that small hydraulic component that no longer works as it should. Consequently, it lets the normal smells emanating from the sewers penetrate the rooms. Keep reading: How to clean suede couch

Sewage smell in house

How much does rain affect?

Other times an important impact is given by the rain. Why does the bathroom smell bad when it rains or the weather is about to change?

When a thunderstorm is coming or raining, the atmospheric pressure changes and allows gases that form in wells and sewers to rise.

Most of the time, the siphons can block them, but the change in atmospheric pressure can have a big impact.

Cleaning? It is good practice.

It is advisable never to neglect the sewage fumes because they often represent the first sign of the need for a purging intervention that concerns the purging of the cesspool or the cleaning of the sewer system.

The exact cause of sewer exhalation is not that simple, which is why professional intervention is required.

Specifically, starting from a sewer drain, the correct ventilation of the drain column is restored. Other problems may also be encountered in the research, but only a technician accustomed to dealing with this type of problem can solve them. Get started: Outdoor outlet not working

Why are we only talking about professional interventions?

We would like to clarify that eliminating sewage smell in house cannot be solved with “do it yourself” remedies.

It’s not just about bad fumes. Instinctively one might think of solving the problem independently by considering the discomfort as a sporadic episode; in reality, it is necessary to interpret the bad smells coming from the drains as an alarm bell to avoid the risk of cases that are more difficult to deal with and more expensive interventions to request.

Do-it-yourself methods such as perfumers for biological pits or products that can be purchased in any supermarket represent only a palliative or a short-term solution because it does not act in any way on the cause.

In conclusion

Using various types of products on the market, including chemical ones, in addition to other types of “do-it-yourself” remedies, the cause of the bad smell is not definitively eliminated. Still, on the contrary, the signal is neglected. Over time, there is a risk of complicating the issue. The only effective remedy is to contact a specialized purging company that can monitor the problem and fixes it from the root!

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