Time to use the garage for what it was meant for

In the start of the 2010 car insurers undertook a survey. They noticed that as people applied for insurance on their cars less of them were stating that they were being kept in a garage. What confused the car insurance companies was that these addresses actually contained a garage to put the car in so it would be logical to assume that the car would be kept in them. So, what was going on?

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The simple answer was that people were starting to use the garage for other purposes. They were investing in creating additional spaces and with the support of Garage Doors Taunton companies they could add a fully functioning door to this space. Up and Over Garage Doors Taunton way have a variety of options depending on what your needs and your budget is.

So why should you use this space for storing your car?

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Garages are built for cars and not really anything else. If you want to convert them it can cost a fair amount of money.. The garage is there to protect the car from the worst elements such as wind, snow and ice which can affect the car and its performance. The weather will spoil it’s paint colour and could result in the body work getting scratched. The other thing it protects the car from is vandalism and random thievery.  The car insurance companies are very keen to point this out and it can also reduce the premiums that you pay. That can only be a good thing.

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