How to Survive in the Amazon

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an Indiana Jones or maybe even king of the jungle Tarzan and want to travel to the wilds of the beautiful but deadly Amazon rainforest, then read on – surviving here takes skills and preparation!

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One of the most important things for the survival of a human being is water – humans can only survive for 2 or 3 days without it and finding a good source of clean water must be a priority in the jungle. The problem with the jungle is that although there is plenty of water around, most of it contains harmful parasites making it unsafe to drink. Thousands of people all over the world die every year from drinking this water. Here are a few ways that you can make the water safer to drink if you do not have a safe source of fresh water:

A water filter from an online outdoor survival store is your best and safest option. It is an essential tool for anyone heading into the wilderness where clean water will be scarce.

Boiling the water will kill harmful bacteria and organisms that are in the water and will make it safe to drink.

Making a water filter yourself of 6-8 layers of tightly woven cloth makes it safer if you are desperate.

Food is another important need for survival. If possible, it is recommended to familiarise yourself with the plants and fruits of the region before you go – work out what is safe to eat and what is not, what it looks like and where to look for it. Take a book with you to help whilst you are there if possible or make yourself notes. Eating a plant that you do not have any knowledge about can be a deadly mistake. There are plenty of edible plants and fruits to be found if you know what you are looking for, like mangoes, bananas, and coconuts. It is advisable to avoid mushrooms completely however, as there are some that are edible, but many that are highly toxic, and it is best not to run the risk.

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Shelter is essential for jungle survival so make sure that you have the correct equipment needed to survive, including insect repellent. It is important also to learn to recognise dangerous animals, as the jungle is home to many poisonous insects, frogs, and snakes. Learning which ones are poisonous could save your life!

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