Introducing MeshWork shelving

Since the 1980s, more and more people have looked to innovative design firms for chic and affordable gifts and accessories for modern homes and offices. Today’s products are not only functional but also appeal strongly to the arts and crafts generation – they are sturdily made yet light in weight as well as light in style: very much in tune with modern fashion.

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Interior designers have long been champions of wire mesh constructions in toiletry holders, waste paper bins and so forth. They continue to be trend-setting with the introduction of MeshWork shelving at this month’s International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago.

There are now hundreds of mesh products available, with some examples shown here:

Mesh shelving

Mesh shelving is not a new idea, especially in workshops and storage units, with strong consumer demand demonstrating how readily these industrial products find a place in fashion-conscious homes, shops and offices.

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Mesh storage containers and shelving are extremely functional. Metal mesh is light but sturdy. By allowing air to circulate it prevents the build of dust and can help keep perishable products free of mould or blight. Light shining through it helps to illuminate lower shelves as well as preserving the ambient light available in the room as a whole.

This can be particularly advantageous in warehouse and storage environments in which lighting distribution is variable.

Homes and businesses needing industrial shelving in Ireland are already able to buy mesh shelving (see for example A shelf width of 900mm is usually rated for loads of about 200 kg. With five shelves to a unit that translates to a recommended limit of about 1000kg of storage capacity per bay. Shelves are made from extremely strong Z-Beam Rivet Wire.

These units are quick and easy to erect. Like a good deal of modern industrial shelving, their design avoids the use of untidy and laborious screws and bolts, that so often prove hard to keep tight, but then impossible to undo.

They are widely used by commercial shops, garages, farms and factories, but are just as popular in domestic garages, basements, home offices and greenhouses.


If you like your mesh shelving why stop there? Mesh document cabinets, storage units, waste bins, tool racks and desk accessories are all available form a wide variety of industrial and domestic retailers.

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