Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams Net Worth: How much is Katt Williams worth right now?

Katt Williams is a comedian from the Atlanta area who has been active in the comedy scene since the mid-1990s. He has recorded multiple albums, and had several starring roles in movies and television shows.

Who is Katt Williams?

Katt Williams, who was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Sacramento, California, is a stand-up comedian and actor. He has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows including “The Longest Yard,” “Friday After Next,” “Scary Movie 3” and “House Party.” In 2010 he starred as himself on the FX series “Wilfred.”

Katt Williams Net Worth

Williams is known for his raunchy stand-up comedy routines that skew towards profanity-laced humor. Some of his jokes include references to drugs and sex acts performed by dogs or babies. He also makes fun of the phrases “big ups” or “dope” which he claims were popularized by black people during slavery days because they wanted their masters to think they had been freed when they were actually still slaves.

What’s Katt Williams’s net worth now?

Katt Williams net worth is currently sitting at around $2 million. It’s a far cry from his peak years in the mid-2000s, but it’s not an insignificant amount of money either.

Katt Williams made $1.5 million in 2018 and lost roughly the same amount in 2019, so that leaves him with a net worth of $1 million for 2020 and 2021 (if he hasn’t earned anything else since then).

How did Katt Williams make his money?

Katt Williams has made his money from stand-up comedy, acting and writing. He also earned hundreds of thousands of dollars selling merchandise on his website, including T-shirts and hoodies that feature his face and name. Williams’ website also sells CDs that he recorded with other artists such as The Game and Snoop Dogg (who has now been accused of stealing from Katt).

Katt Williams’s net worth is still about $2 million, even after his recent legal troubles. This figure is based on the average of his net worth over the last 5 years, which has fluctuated quite a bit. In 2016, he had an estimated net worth of $3 million. This was down from 2015 when he had an estimated net worth of $4 million. But in 2014, Katt Williams had an estimated net worth of $9 million to $12 million.

Katt Williams has been arrested multiple times and charged with crimes including battery and disorderly conduct since 2017. However, even with these setbacks to his finances, Katt Williams still has enough money left over to live comfortably—and enjoy some luxuries as well!


Katt Williams still has a net worth of $2 million even after his recent legal problems. The comedian continues to make money through his comedy shows, movies and TV appearances.

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