How to pose on your wedding day

Most of us are not used to posing endlessly for photos unless you’re a model! It’s what you can expect on your wedding day, though. How can you ensure that you will have photos to cherish for the rest of your life after spending all the time, money and effort planning your dream wedding? If you want to get the most natural-looking wedding photos, here are some tips:

Best Side

You probably think that one side of your face is better than the other. You can check your face in the mirror, or take some photos. Choose your preferred angle by experimenting with different poses.

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Use Contour

It’s better to look at things from a different angle. If you have a face with a less pronounced bone structure, a slight tilt to the chin will help give it a chiseled appearance. It’s also a great idea to turn your cheeks slightly towards your best side.

Think Chin

You can slim your face by lowering your chin a bit. Do not go overboard to create a double-chin. Just a slight lowering will do. If you have a large forehead, tilt your chin up a bit to achieve symmetry. No matter what your face shape is, you can make your figure look slimmer by pushing your face slightly forward. Ask your photographer to shoot from an overhead position. When you need an Indian Wedding Photographer, consider

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Be Natural

It can be difficult to maintain a smile that has been lingering for hours. The key to getting great photos is to make sure you are smiling as naturally as possible, and not too much.

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