What are the benefits of insulated render systems

Architects, home and building owners, developers and estate agents are often asked or actually asked, what are the benefits of insulated render systems. Suppliers of insulated render systems like www.apsltdbristol.co.uk/external-wall-insulation/ can easily answer that question and here are a few reasons why it is so beneficial and would form their answer.

  • It provides an energy efficiency choice. A layer of render helps to improve the buildings thermal performance dramatically, The most important point being it can reduce energy bills.
  • It’s not just about keeping the heat in the building. Thermal performance is also about keeping out the warmth of the day so that an acceptable ambient temperature is maintained in the house or building.

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  • Insulated render systems are also available to make your home or office look better than it was before. A new render can reinvigorate the frontage and make an old tired looking building seem brand new again.
  • Protecting the property from the elements is also another advantage of an insulated render system. Our homes and offices are pounded by all the wind and weathers in Great Britain that it pays to have this installed to keep out damp and the cold.

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  • Keeping the noise out. If you live in a particularly noisy area such as near a road, industrial site or school the background noise can be disturbing. However, with an insulated rendering system this can be reduced.

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