Measure a Bike Frame

How to Measure a Bike Frame With Some Easy Steps

Today I’m going to take you through how to measure up a bike frame it’s a really pretty simple process.

This article might sound different stating the obvious but that is on purpose I want to make sure everyone is on exactly the same page.

This article will tell you how to select the right frame size for yourself and how to get the correct bike-filled frame size.

First Step: Measure Bike All Tube’s Length

There are three things we’re going to look at today our head tube links or top tube links and our seat tube links and measuring them really couldn’t be easier.

So, to start off if you got a bike with a nice horizontal top tube then you need to measure each of these tubes from one end to the other.

To see what size, they are so starting with the head tube you need to measure from the very top to the very bottom.

Next, you need to measure the top tube and the top tube is measured from the center point of its peak tube and to the center point of the head tube at the front.

So, let’s grab your tape measure and measures that be careful to line it.

The last thing you need to look at is off seat tube link now this is going to tell you how much room you have to stand over the bike and how high your saddle might be in comparison to your bottom bracket.

So, to measure this you need to measure from the center point of the top tube on the seat tube all the way down to the very center of our bottom bracket or the spindle that goes through your frame.

So, on this one, it’s kind of hard to see but it’s smack bang in the middle here so again, you will need to grab your tape and measure the length.

When we talk about hardtail vs full suspension bike frame measuring there are little bit differences.

Second Step: Measuring with Spirit Level

We are going to share how to measure another bike frame like PINNACE. First, you have to set it up to ensure wheels are in line with the floor.

So, it’s effectively sitting on level ground and this bike top tube is not horizontal to the floor.

This is a sloping top tube so how can we measure this effectively in order to compare it to the other frame because with this slant the tube is actually going to end up being a bit shorter.

you need to measure something called effective top tube and to find that we’re going to need another tool.

One of these a spirit level now with your spirit level you can draw an imaginary horizontal top tube on your bike.

So, to do that you need to start at the very top of the head tube and need to measure a horizontal line to the seat tube where intersect, and that will be the new imaginary top tube for the measure.

So, let’s do that right now and then line it up with the center of the top tube where it joins the head tube level this out and you can see its level just under the writing on the seat post.

So, this is going to be the mark of where is the effective top tube is so with this information, you can now measure in exactly the same way.

As you just did the length of your head tube which is still the same regardless and then the length of your respective top tube and the length of your effective CG.

One other tip is all the different bikes you ride any bikes you’d like to feel try and take down the measurements and eventually you will sort of build up a map of what size you’re looking for and what you might like.

Even if you’re in the shop you can you know take the tape measure with you start measuring off a couple of different bikes and see how they might fit.


Thanks for reading if you have any questions comment section below and want to get more information about bike repairing you can follow Outdoorxsports. until the next time enjoys the ride.

Hopefully, that’s really clear and you can see by measuring that it’s exactly the same as measuring that on the other bike over there.

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