computer tricks

10 computer tricks that you should know

The management of a PC is easy and fun applying the many tricks and shortcuts that exist for different operating systems, although the one that has more is Windows. We leave you 10 computer tricks that have seemed very interesting.

The 10 computer tricks for you.

1. Restore a tab that was accidentally closedcomputer tricks

If what we want is to recover a tab that we have closed, just press “Ctrl” (or “Command” on Mac), in addition, “Shift” and “T”, and we will recover our tab that had been closed.

2. Make a cutout of only part of the screen

We all know the “print screen” key, very useful to capture the screen, but when what we need is to capture only a part of it, then we will have to resort to the following:

On Mac, you have to press the key combination: “Command” + “Shift” + “4” to be able to use the tool.

In Windows, you only have to go to “Start” and look for the tool “Cuttings”

3. Repeat the last command in Excelcomputer tricks

For this little trick, it is necessary to simply press the F4 key. You can check it yourself, select a cell and color it green, then move to another cell and press F4. This trick also works in Word.

4. Make a copy of a file with just drag it

All you have to do to make a copy of a file on a Mac is to press the “Alt” key (“Ctrl” on a PC), then click and drag the file and you will have the copy. It is one of the best computer tricks.

5. Do a reverse search of an image on Google

In Google Chrome, if you click “S” while right clicking on an image, it will do a reverse search on Google. That means that you will be able to know where the photo originates from.

6. Pause on YouTube with a single click or overtake and delay 10 seconds

Most of us know that to pause a video it is necessary to press the spacebar, but you can also use the “K” key for the same task. You can also press the “J” key to go back 10 seconds or the “L” key to advance 10 seconds.

7. Move a window to either side of the screen

Press the “Windows” key and any of the navigation keys (right, left, up, down) and the window will move according to the key you press. It only works on Windows.

8. Clear the cache in seconds

You can quickly erase your cache with the key combination: “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “R”, also updates the page.

9. Block the computer quickly

In Windows the following key combination is used: “Windows” + “L”, with this you can make jokes.

On a Mac: “Command” + “Option” + “Eject”; or “Power” if your computer does not have an optical drive.

10. Convert the browser into a simple text editor

If you want to open a basic text editor in which you can write, you just have to paste the following in the address bar of the browser:

data: text / HTML,