Sun, Sea and Solar Panels in Weston

Weston-Super-Mare now more commonly known just as Weston has it all, Sun, Sea and Solar Panels.  The local population of just over 82,000 and all the visitors and tourists that flock there during the summer months are enjoying all the traditional entertainment this old-fashioned resort has to offer.  At the same time the forward thinking, modern, environmentally friendly families living there are turning to local, experienced, professional Solar Panel Installers Weston such as to complete their Solar Panel installations.  With the fragile state of the Environment the hot topic of conversation in Weston and around the Globe the local families are doing all they can to reduce the impact of Global Warming and Climate Change.

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Weston has grown substantially as a Seaside Resort since the 19th Century, when two piers and a railway station were built there. With great road access links close by including the M5 and the M4 it has become a very popular place to live, work and raise a family.  Ellenborough Park is located right in the centre of the town and is specified as a place of special biological interest.

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The Grand Pier, Donkey Rides, and the Weston Eye, are all attractions on offer, where locals and visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole town and surrounding beaches and countryside.  Many new build houses in and around the town are being built with Solar Panels already installed because of their unique ability to reduce energy consumption and electricity bills.

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