3 Must-See Austin Art Scenes

Austin is a city famous for its arts. The city has become synonymous with art and culture. The annual SXSW Festival brings hundreds of thousands each year to this unique festival. Take the time to enjoy three of the biggest art forms celebrated in this city.

The Music

When talking about the Austin art scene, there is nowhere better to begin than the music. Austin is full of live music venues that keep the music going late into the night. There is a reason Austin has been dubbed the live music capital of the world. From those just getting their start to legends of music, this city hosts incredible performances year-round. Before you go, check the tour schedules to ensure you don’t miss any of these thrilling shows.

The Galleries

If you are looking for the gallery scene, the city is full of exciting spots. These locations showcase both the masters and up and coming local art Austin. These galleries celebrate both the artists and their work. When visiting, walk around to see some of these memorable works of art. Outside of the galleries, the streets are full of installations and murals. Between your gallery visits, roam around to find some of these artistic treasures.

The Food

Anyone who doesn’t see food as art hasn’t tried some of the amazing restaurants in Austin. The city’s culinary world is full of chefs who create art on each plate. In addition to local specialties, there are plenty of international options to help you enjoy some variety while you visit. These restaurants fill up quickly, so call ahead to make a reservation to ensure you get to enjoy some of these delicious delicacies.

Whether you are there for the music, the art or the food, Austin provides plenty of options to help you fill your day with culture. You’re going to love it here.

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