3 Types of Concealed Carry Holsters

Choosing a concealed carry holster, such as a concealed thigh holster, can be fun but challenging. You want a holster that can be easily hidden, but you should have easy access to your weapon in case you need to draw it. Your holster will determine your comfort and carrying consistency because you are not likely to wear an uncomfortable or easily visible weapon.

Waistband Holsters

Inside the waistband holsters secure your weapon to your hip and conceal your weapon inside your pants. However, the handle of your weapon is exposed above your belt line. If your pants are not loose enough or you happen to lean or bump your hip against anything, this carry method may become uncomfortable. In addition, your draw may be slower than if you carried outside your pants or below your waistband, which may lack any concealment because the entire weapon is exposed outside your pants. Waistband holsters are some of the best, most common ways people carry their firearms.

Thigh Holsters

These holsters hold your weapon to your mid-thigh, which is quite comfortable because your thigh has more padding over the bone and does not rotate as you walk or move. Because the firearm handle is where you naturally rest your hands, your draw from a thigh holster may be incredibly fast. Unfortunately, these weapons are difficult to conceal because the bulk is carried on the outside of your thigh. Therefore, wear long coats or loose clothing to improve concealment.

Shoulder Holsters

These holsters hold your weapon against your ribcage or slightly lower on the side of your body using straps that wrap around your shoulders and midsection. Because of their straps, you will not feel the weight of your weapon in one location on your body. Instead, it is distributed. Not only are shoulder holsters quick and easy to put on, but they don’t dig into your side like hip holsters may.

Try out several holsters and consider choosing a few for different clothing options and situations. You are sure to find a comfortable, secure holster that hides your weapon.

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