5 More Resolutions That HR Professionals Should Make for 2019

We’ve already examined five top resolutions that HR professionals should consider making for the coming year, with employee satisfaction coming out as a major factor for consideration. Now here are five more New Year’s resolutions that could help your business thrive in 2019.

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1. Personalise Your Leadership Style

One size very rarely fits all, and nowhere is this more apt than within the business culture. Whereas some employees prefer a gentle approach, others might benefit from a more dynamic style of leadership. Knowing the difference, and when to employ different tactics, is an essential skill that HR professionals should work on.

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2. Listen to What Your Employees Have to Say

To be effective, you need to be fully prepared to hear the honest responses of your employees. The personal development coach and author Erik de Haan refers to this approach as ‘fearless listening’, and increasing numbers of HR professionals are beginning to understand the importance of this approach. You may not receive the answers that you want to hear, but listening without judgement allows people to give you the most truthful answers to your questions.

3. Be Inspirational

Viewing employees as a means to an end will never enable you to get the best out of them. If you want people to excel in their work, then you have to show real leadership – and that doesn’t mean ordering people about. Aim to encourage your teams, bringing out the absolute best in them, and always lead by example. If you can be the leader that your employees crave, you’ll find they commit much more of themselves to the job in hand.

4. Build Effective Relationships

Every member of the company has a role to fulfil, so work hard to create effective interpersonal relationships, particularly with key employees. This promotes a positive attitude towards the company and its goals. Even the smallest of companies can benefit from this approach. If you don’t have your own in-house HR department, you can take advantage of HR outsourcing services, such as www.mushroombiz.co.uk/homepage/services/hr/, to fulfil the role.

5. Make a Commitment

Committing to initiatives that promote positive change within the company is a powerful step in moving things forward. Planning and research only go so far – ultimately you need to carry out your plans to develop your business.


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