A Quick Guide to Menswear

Men have always been quite traditional in their preferences with regards to menswear. The menswear trend today is much more open and a lot more experimental than before. Menswear has definitely evolved at an incredible rate, getting more consumers coming into the stores with images on the catwalks, asking whether or not they are obtaining certain stylish looks and fashions. Menswear Ireland companies such as EJ Menswear are helping men to find the best clothing options available.

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There was a time when you could buy menswear and not really understand it unless you were a trained salesman, but that time is now a thing of the past. First, you have to look at menswear as an investment. If you are buying menswear as an investment, be sure to look for menswear that fits you well and gives off a sense of professionalism. Like the classic blue blazer, wearing two blue blazers does not make one look like a professional, but a sharpie in a bar with questionable clientele. It also does not make one look stylish, which is probably why most men still opt for the classic black jacket when looking for menswear to accent their professional look.

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As far as menswear goes, suits are still very much in. This is not to say that a nice suit will make you look better than you naturally, but a well-fitting suit will make you look better than you would otherwise. The classic business suit can easily be dressed down or dressed up (if that’s your style) but never left for dead. This is because a well-fitted suit will always look sharp and well put-together. Tailoring a suit is more complicated than simply washing it and pressing it into a crisp. A tailoring process has its own rules that a suit needs to follow, so do your research before you hit the sewing machine.


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