Advantages of Double Glazing You Should Know About

Double Glazing refers to the formation of a barrier between adjoining walls that are specially made to reduce the heat loss through a particular part of a building. Insulating glass is made up of two or more windows made of special materials designed to reflect or otherwise slow down the transfer of heat from one part of a building to another. One can also opt for triple glazing wherein three panes of glass are used to create an insulating barrier. This not only creates a barrier against heat loss but also ensures that heat coming through a particular window stays put rather than heating up and leaving the room. The installation of such a window is often required to comply with building regulations in many countries. Firmfix a Double Glazing Tewkesbury based firm can help.

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It is a proven fact that windows help keep the warm air inside houses while keeping the cold air outside. However, it is also known that heat cannot flow freely throughout a house. Hence, the windows must be kept closed during hot weather and opened during cold weather. In the summer months, windows open wide to allow the warm air from the sun into the house. During winter, these windows are maintained closed to prevent the cold air from entering the house.

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A major benefit offered by double glazed sealed units is that it helps improve energy efficiency. Since the double glazing prevents heat exchange between adjoining rooms, the heated air stays put and does not heat up the air that passes through the glass. This allows the heat that is transferred to remain in a specific area without heating up the entire house. Moreover, in terms of reducing noise pollution, double glazed windows are better than normal single pane glass since they are made of thicker glass.


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