Areas of your desk that are magnets for germs

Ever looked at your desk, either at home or in the office and truly pondered how utterly filthy it is? It’s probably not something that you’ve really wanted to contemplate but if the last 2 years has taught us nothing it’s that we all need to be cleaner, or at least more aware of it. Your desk and the things on it represent some of the most common areas for germs and bacteria to breed and become a problem. It’s why companies need the services of Commercial Cleaning Belfast based operations like

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  1. The Keyboard. Your fingers get everywhere. If you stop and ponder what you put your fingers and hands through it’s quite shocking. Therefore if you ask someone to type something on your keyboard you’re passing on everything that you’ve touched and then you get everything they’ve touched when they finished with it..

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  1. Your mouse. Another item that you have contact with constantly is your mouse. Again. Sharing it is not a good idea. If someone is showing you where something is you’re better off getting them to point it out rather than taking it over from you. Anything you’ve touched, they now have touched and vice versa. This is why the government where so keen to have us wash our hands and not touch our faces.
  2. The screen. If you’ve ever sneezed at your desk it’s very likely that your screen is going to be the first thing that takes the hit. This unofffical sneeze guard is a prime target.

Make sure you consistently wipe everything with an antibacterial wipe.

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