Best Michelin Star Restaurants in London

With the many restaurants opening every day in London, it is hard to decide which one is the best! A customer looks mainly for a memorable dining experience, good food and entertainment. So, if you are also searching for fine dining in London, look for Michelin star restaurants which stand out from the rest!

Alain Ducasse, The Dorchester Hyde Park

Awarded with 3 Michelin stars, Alain Ducasse is one of the most prestigious restaurants in London! It is a great delight for all fans of French cuisine. Its executive chef, Jean-Philippe Blondet always tries to improvise and add seasonal produce to the varied menu. However, it is all about French haute cuisine.

Don’t miss the tasting menu which comprises of dishes like foie gras terrine with pickled root vegetables, Dorset crabs along with celeriac and caviar, French cheeses or saddle of venison with parsnip and peanut. The ingredients come from both British and French suppliers. As you enjoy these good food, you can admire the sophisticated white décor and beautiful furnishing.

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  1. Wong

If you are headed to Wilton Road London, don’t miss a restaurant named A. Wong! Consisting of a modern décor, it offers authentic Chinese cuisine. But it is not only about traditional dishes. It is also about innovation and food diversity. It is the result of Chef Andrew’s travels to China as he discovered original techniques and recipes.

While enjoying a meal at this restaurant, you cannot help but notice its emphasis on food sharing. Relish snacks and Dim Sums inspired by street food, which are served by the piece. Discover a great menu consisting of daikon cakes with wind-dried sausages and shrimps, Gung Bao chicken served in traditional Sichuan style or Wong’s reinterpretation of the dish. Also, look out for prawn and pork dumplings or preserved duck eggs. Trying out these dishes is no less than an adventure!

Barrafina, Soho

Food can make you travel to different places in London! Visit Soho to discover Barrafina for an exquisite dining experience. The speciality of this restaurant is that you are seated at a long L-shaped bar counter with other diners, overlooking an open kitchen. Imagine how unique and homely it is! Get ready to enjoy an excellent service and enjoy nibbles and drinks as you wait for your dinner to arrive.

The menu mainly consists of authentic Spanish food like tapas-based dishes. But it is ever-changing as there is also a special menu which is different every day and comprises of seasonal seafood. So, get ready to try Mallorcan and Catalan tapas, crisp-skinned grilled chicken thighs served with a romesco sauce or coca mallorquina topped with spinach, pine nuts and raisins. While you relish these delicious meals, enjoy one of the best wines of Spain showcased behind the glasses along the walls.

Heston Blumenthal, Knightsbridge

Are you visiting Knightsbridge? A visit to Heston Blumenthal is then a must! An unrivalled experience awaits you as this Michelin star restaurant offers historic British cuisine in modern times. Inside, you can see an impressive glassed-in kitchen which sets it apart from the conventional hotel look. Find classy furniture and lights which create a luxurious setting.

As for the menu, it is inspired by fairytales and historic kitchens! Watch out for its signature Tudor-inspired meat fruit which looks similar to a mandarin. It can contain chicken liver or foie gras parfait. Simply pair it up with a chargrilled sourdough bread! Glazed roast quail with buttery chestnut-flecked cabbage and game jus is also a must-try meal. For dessert, you are served an orange syrup-steeped loaf with a mandarin and thyme sorbet. Quaking pudding or nutmeg-infused custard surrounded by glossy perry caramel and poached pear slivers are other delicacies you cannot miss!

Be ready for a delicious experience at these top restaurants in London and enjoy a great time!

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