Best ways to aid your recovery after a heart attack

No one wants to think about what would happen if they suffered from a heart attack. It is a condition that affects thousands of people a year and with swift medical attention it is possible to carry on living a normal life afterwards, all be it with maybe a few tweaks to your diet and daily life. There are some ways that you can aid your recovery once you get home and there are also Mobility Aids like the ones from Ability Superstore that can help you.

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Here are some steps you can take.

  • Take it slowly – it is important that after you are discharged from the hospital that you take it easy and gradually build up what you do. You might find that to start with you only have the energy to get out of bed and get dressed, but that is a great place to start. Once you have built up some more strength you can look to do some small house chores such as washing up and making yourself a nice cup of tea. Next, you can progress to walking up and down the stairs as a gentle way to keep yourself active.

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  • Medication – it is important that if you have been given any medication that you take it regularly and correctly. Your GP or consultant will be able to talk you through this if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Wellbeing – as well as taking time with your physical health you also need to take time for your mental health. Having a heart attack can be incredibly frightening and it is important to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

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