Category A v category B fit outs: the differences

A fit out is making a space suitable for office occupation. It is a full project lasting from end-to-end getting the commercial space up to specifications for its office use. It is about making sure that space is ready and suitable for the work that is going to take place in it. The style and design can differ as much as the clients themselves but there are two different types of fit-outs that need to be understood: category A and category B.

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Category A gets the area ready and safe. The space looks ready to be used but is really a blank canvas. Category A fits are normally used by developers and landlords.

To furnish that space and get it into shape so that it looks like an office ready to be worked in, a category B fit is needed.

Category A fit

This is creating a basic shell and meeting certain legal criteria to enable leasing the property. Certain services such as toilet facilities, floors, ceiling works and health and safety systems have all been included in this fit.

In a category A fit you will find that your office fit out companies will create raised floors and ceilings, put in floor coverings and window blinds, fit fire alarms and sprinklers, place the electrical and mechanical services –

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It is a functional fit that means the office meets building regulations and is fully compliant.

Category B fit

Category B fits are fully customisable and can accommodate the changing needs of the business. If, for example, you wanted to get your office fitted out with Mobius at work, then you would expect for it to include: the interior architecture and office spaces, door and floor finishes, lighting, furniture, and any artwork, a kitchen area, reception, meeting rooms and all signage. You would also expect the IT infrastructure to be installed at this point.

Ultimately, this looks at the function of the space. It makes it the design of the office work for employees to use it. This would look at the interior design choices and atmosphere that is wanted to be created by the company using the space. A category B fit ensures the shell created by category A fit now meets the tenant’s needs and still meets regulations.

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