Daring lip colours, which one would you choose?

One of the most important parts of any girl’s makeup collection is lipstick! Defining our lip areas has been a long part of our history with both cosmetics and enhancing the way that we look. Botox Gloucester companies can help to enhance our natural good looks and retain our youthful appearance and can be used to further define our facial features. You can get Botox Gloucester Treatments from Doctor Kate if you are looking for those kinds of treatments.

When it comes to using cosmetics to enhance your lips have you ever thought about the colours that you choose? What colours do you tend to go for, especially when going to work? The answer is probably nude shades or more subtle pinks that give you a natural, understated look. So far, so predictable. Why not amp up the office glam factor a notch by trying a new and more daring lip colour?

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Going bold

A lot of women probably find themselves irresistibly drawn to dramatic lipstick shades, like deep plummy purples, blacks and even vivid electric blues. However, even if they do buy them, it is most likely just to try them on at home and then stick them away in a drawer, reluctant to use such a bold shade outdoors. Well, it’s time to get a bit more adventurous.

To channel an edgy, Gothic vibe, why not go for black? Pair it with some thinly applied eyeliner and a coating of mascara, and enhance it with a messy up-do. While it may seem frightening to step out of the house wearing a shade of lipstick that many girls probably think should only be worn at Halloween, you will probably be surprised by the reactions you get!

For a more dazzling pop of colour, you could try a shimmery blue or metallic blackish purple. This does require some confidence to pull off, but you can do it! You might get some strange looks, but most people will probably assume you are tough and super-confident.

For something a little more subtle but still delightfully colourful, go for a paler and more lavender shade of purple like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ shade called Belladonna. It’s guaranteed to be a hit.

For more daring lippie inspiration, check out http://www.allure.com/makeup-looks/2015/how-to-wear-bold-lipstick-colors#slide=1.

Completing the look

To go with your bold lip colour, make sure you’re wearing the right shade of foundation. Why not opt for made-up eyes at the same time? Just take care not to go overboard on the eyes because you don’t want to detract from your bold lippie! Ensure your makeup is artfully applied by using good quality brushes. You can find these in a variety of colours and designs, depending on what you are looking for.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and rock that daring lip colour!

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