Different body types and the best shirts to choose

Shirts are a staple of the wardrobes of most men; however, too many people make shopping choices about this style of clothing without taking into consideration whether the piece in question is correct for their type of body. You can guarantee getting something perfect from EJ Menswear especially when it’s Calvin Klein Menswear.

Some of the components of wearing a shirt are set in stone, while others are a little looser in terms of how you interpret them; for instance, from a third-party standpoint, collar size determines both the comfort standards for the wearer and the overall appearance of the shirt. When it is completely closed, you should preferably be able to slip two fingers through the neck, leaving you space to manoeuvre while also offering a clean, formal finish.

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The thickness of the sleeve should be dictated by the location of your wrists – the cuff should be two to three centimetres below your wrist bone to have the optimal coverage levels.

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Trying it on is important so that you can be sure in the shirt to achieve the optimum look and match. Push the front away from you with your top buttoned up. If you have a wiggle space of more than eight centimetres, it’s too big; any less and the shirt may be a little restrictive.

Simplicity is always the best rule to follow when it comes to colour, especially if you are purchasing a shirt for a formal occasion. The traditional white shirt look could be high on your wish list with about one-quarter of a million weddings per year in the UK.

Know that when purchasing a shirt, the body shape should be considered and that there are lots of different choices, from slim fit patterns that offer skinnier men meaning to wider, bolder versions ideal for exercise fans.

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