Colored Ostrich Feathers

DIY Projects With Colored Ostrich Feathers

Feathers can be a fun way to add unique flair to your DIY projects. Once you get your package of feathers, though, your well of ideas may start to run dry. Sound familiar? Here are a few ways you can use colored ostrich feathers in your next DIY project.


Whether you’re decorating for a wedding or just want something nice for your living room at home, a centerpiece can take your table from OK to spectacular with minimal effort. Get some pretty vases, add a few feathers that match your color scheme, and you’ll have decorations that will bring a spark of elegance with them.

Feather Boas

The classic feather boa can dress up any outfit in an instant. If the price tag of the average boa seems a little steep to you, consider making one yourself. A DIY approach to this fashionable choice can make your wallet happy while ensuring your accessories have the exact look you want. You may enjoy trying your hand at other accessories, too, like feather earrings and headbands.

Feather Dusters

If you want your cleaning supplies to match your home’s interior, you can buy ostrich feathers in the appropriate color scheme and make your own feather duster. Feather dusters are both aesthetically pleasing and an effective way to clean your house, as the feathers attract dust to themselves rather than spreading it around the room.

Kids’ Feather Pens

Do you have kids in elementary school? As a semi-historical project, they may enjoy creating “quill pens” with some fun feathers. You can easily put together a quill pen by taping a ballpoint pen to a large feather, or group of feathers, or by removing the ink cartridge and inserting it into a feather’s hollow stem. Allow the children to choose the colors of their feathers and their ink, so they have a personalized and fun writing utensil.

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