Foods That Are Surprisingly Bad for Your Teeth

Most of us are well aware that sugary foods and drinks are bad for our teeth, especially if we don’t brush and floss as much as we should. This results in an increased risk of tooth decay and the associated pain and trips to the dentist. What you might not realise is that are hidden dangers in many types of food including high sugar levels that we might not be expecting. Here are some to look out for:

  1. Sauces

All those lovely delicious condiments can contain a surprising amount of sugar. Salad dressing and ketchup, pasta and barbecue sauces are loaded with the white stuff and will undoubtedly cause problems for your teeth if left on them for any length of time.

  1. White bread

White bread contains sugar and can also contain added sweetener too. The texture of bread also means it can easily get stuck in between your teeth, being left to create the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. Be sure to visit your dentist for check-ups regularly and for a Cosmetic Dentist Leicester, visit St Johns Road Dental Practice

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  1. Apples

Most people merrily chomp away on fruit thinking that they’re making healthier choices. However, whilst apples are good for you, they might not be so great for your teeth. They are high in acidity which can erode tooth enamel. They are hard too, which means biting into them may cause cracks or chips in your teeth. Ideally, its best to cut them into small pieces and drink with water.

  1. Popcorn

The danger with popcorn is that it falls nicely into the ‘gets stuck in the teeth’ category. After eating popcorn, it’s highly advisable to floss but how many people remember to do that after watching a movie. However, you’ll definitely want to dislodge it before all that sugar starts to build up bacterial growth on your teeth and gums.


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  1. Pickles

Vinegar is very acidic, so any food that sits in this liquid is going to present a problem for teeth. Eating pickles is fine, it’s the brine that causes erosion to your teeth enamel. If you have a craving for pickles, be sure to wash them down with some neutralising water to drink.

  1. Peanut butter

The popular brand name peanut butters that you find on supermarket shelves do contain surprising amounts of sugar. Even some of the organic or all-natural varieties aren’t completely innocent. The nature of sticky peanut butter means it glues to your teeth and the inside of your mouth. This is not great for teeth. Try to choose a brand with no added sugar and wash down with plenty of water.

There is no need to completely avoid these foods, just so long as you understand the high level of sugar they contain and take appropriate steps to protect your teeth and gums. Your dentist will certainly thank you for it.


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