Get Extra Space with Custom-Made Furniture

Each time a birthday or Christmas occurs, do you find yourself become increasingly concerned about where you’re going to store it all? Finding a home for all the family’s belongings can be challenging, but before thinking that you’re going to have to move home, here are some useful tips for creating some much-needed extra storage space:

For bedrooms, you could consider adding a second rail or rod to increase your hanging space. Perhaps there is also space for additional shelfing too, which is useful for folded jumpers and t-shirts. Choosing to install a bespoke fitted wardrobe means you can customise your space and add in handy features like shoe racks, extra drawers and shelving. Having a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe also maximises the vertical space available in your room, which you can’t get with a free-standing cupboard. For Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit

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When you choose customised furniture, you can use every bit of your available space whatever size or shape your room is. If you have space under a window, why not consider a custom-built seat with built-in storage underneath? You can get really creative with previously unused space to get maximum storage.

A home with children often struggles with storage space in children’s rooms, which are usually among the smallest in the house. This issue can become more noticeable after birthdays and Christmas. Toys will soon be scattered all over the floor again, no matter how hard you try to keep things organised. You can encourage your kids to keep things tidy by installing brightly coloured storage boxes in interesting shapes, for example. Make the most of available wall space with floor-to-ceiling shelving, which also has the benefit of making the space look bigger and airier. Again, custom-built pieces will help you to benefit from even small or oddly shaped spaces.

Downstairs, if you are sick of tripping over charging cables and technology, it can be handy to have a dedicated space for things like laptops, tablets, personal computers and printers. You’d be amazed at how even a small nook can be transformed into a workspace or miniature home office. The space under the stairs for example, can be used for this purpose with a custom-built desk. You can incorporate as many drawers and shelves as you require so the area doesn’t get cluttered with paperwork.

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All you need is a little creativity to prevent you from overlooking unused or unusual spaces inside your home that could be turned into useful and valuable storage areas. The surface of any units you have custom-built can also be decorated with family photos and ornaments, providing you with plenty of opportunity to have a stylish and attractive décor as well. Don’t forget to look up and think about ways to maximise the vertical space inside any room.

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