How Clinical Trials Work

This year has shown us how diseases and illnesses can quickly get the better of the human race. But with the help of amazing doctors and scientists, life is looking like it can get back to some semblance of normality next year, as the world breathed a sigh of relief at the news of the vaccines against the coronavirus that has been marauding around the world throughout 2020.

When it comes to fighting illnesses, there are many ways that scientists and doctors can do this. Although coronavirus has dominated news headlines, there are still sadly many other illnesses that can take peoples lives, so they are still being studied in the hopes of finding a cure.

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One of the ways that we can study an illness is through clinical trials. There are many different types of clinical trials which enable us to look at different parts of an illness in depth and get a better understanding of the illness as well as how to treat it.

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There are many clinical trials running all the time such as these paid clinical trials by – many types of trials are focussed on testing out drugs and are done in phases – a smaller group of patients are studied in the earlier phases and doctors watch closely to ensure that the drug is safe and as the trial goes along it reaches phase 3, where there will be many patients involved, and doctors will look for the effects of the treatment and whether it is better than other existing treatments.

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