How Does Colour Affect Your Mood?

There are many different theories out there. Some of these theories have basis in fact, some of these theories do not have basis in fact at all, they may well just be a myth. For the sake of this article we are going to focus on one theory which is very much a fact: Colour does affect people’s moods. It is a fact that certain colours do affect people’s moods in very different ways. It should reflect what you wear. DesIgner menswear Ireland based¬† provider EJ Menswear can help with that.

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The first thing we need to mention is that not all colours affect you in the same way. There are colours which will make people more happy or happier, others which will cause them to be more sad or angry. For example, one of the most popular colours which people like to wear is red; this is a colour which causes people to be happy and bubbly. On the other hand, blue is the colour which makes people sad and depressed; apparently  this is the colour that makes people in this situation feel guilty for what they are doing.

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These are the two basic moods which people go for; depending on what colour is worn, people will either be more happy, sad or angry. To see how colour affects your mood, try wearing different coloured clothes to see which mood you are more likely to be in at a given time. Also, try to observe yourself in different situations to see if you are able to pick up on any behavioural traits. For instance, clothes that make you more happy will tend to make you smile more often; likewise, clothes that make you sad will make you frown more often.


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