How to overcome our fears

We all have fears to overcome, even people who are very courageous. We can be afraid of something tangible, like spiders or heights … or maybe we fear failure or something else, which is more difficult to define.

No matter what scares us, but it’s important to learn to recognize what scares us so we can face it and take control of our lives.

It is difficult to admit our fears, even to ourselves, into a society that emphasizes the importance of being strong and courageous.

But being brave does not mean not to be scared. Being brave means becoming the master of our emotions and only in this way, can we gain security in ourselves?

Only in this way can we face our fears every day.

Sometimes, we are captives of our fears that seem to grow ever more so that we can become stronger and stronger than we are to overcome.

Sometimes, we complain and say we want a normal life that can lead us out of constraints but the truth is that there are no magic formulas, because fears cannot be erased like by magic, but they have to be addressed.

Sometimes, we are alluding that everything can magically disappear … … but it’s pure illusion.

In fact, fears cannot be erased, there is no magic wand that solves problems, but we can make a personal journey that will lead us towards a path of change.

The first step is to look deeper into us, in order to understand better and learn to recognize them, then to master them.

We can understand that it is only about our emotions and not about an enemy impossible to deal with.

Only in this way can we acquire simple tools that allow us to walk our way.

Beginning to face our fears, we can perceive a new force in every new action we accomplish and this can lead us to freedom.

Runaway, we weaken … Facing we reinforce …

Our fears are ghosts that exist only in our minds, from which we let ourselves be terrified and discouraged.

From what we have said, we can understand how each of us is unique and has its own times and ways to make its own way … one step behind the other and day after day.

It is important to focus our attention on ourselves, on the achievements we make and on the sense of freedom, that man can grow in us.

The greatest goal we can aim for is the awareness of our humanity, which is made of both fragility and strength … high moments and low moments, but no more than illusions linked to a form of magical thought, which is a true enemy of change and personal growth.

We can learn that there is no final goal, but in reality “the path is the goal” …  ammine step by step.

Our fears do not disappear as by magic, but we can simply learn not to be afraid of our fears and to face them openly.

What To Do?

Let’s start by naming our fears. Sometimes, fear is immediately made known, clearly, at other times it is difficult to recognize, because of those anxious feelings lurking in our deeper mind.

Let our fears go up to the surface and give it a name.

Then, let’s ask the following questions to better understand our fears.

What is the story of our fear? Has it started with a negative experience? Is it related to factors of our childhood?

What does our fear cause?

Let’s find out if the fear we experience is a healthy feeling that protects us from danger, so let’s decide if there is a good reason to be afraid or if our fear is out of place and inhibits us.

We write. Writing our fears is a way to make us aware that we have a problem we want to overcome. So leaving magic thoughts.

Let’s keep a diary. It’s a good way to keep track of progress and it can also serve as a guide.

You can overcome the fear by dealing with them from time to time. By approaching fear as something with a beginning and an end can help us to see that we have the power over it. If we can clearly see the form of our fear, we will be able to recognize and manage it more effectively.

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