How to reduce the risk of contracting an STI

Not having sex is the safest way to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs). For certain people, it could be an effective lifestyle option, but for young people who become sexually active, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of infection.

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Partners limited

The less partners you have the less potential there is to catch a STI. This is a risk game, however and for you to become infected, it can take just one sexual encounter.


Before you enter into an intimate sexual relationship, be open with your partners and discuss your sexual wellbeing. Ask sexual health providers questions and be mindful of the assessments that you should take to discover your status and that of your partner. It is possible to find information on the NHS website.

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Minimise the intake of alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs interfere with anyone’s decision-making process, so it is best not to mix alcohol with sexual relations until you are in a healthy relationship. Enjoy yourself, but make a promise with your immediate mates that you have to stick together to stay safe if you are drinking. Sticking to this rule may be challenging, so if you are single, go easy on alcohol and stay away from drugs.


Condoms, if they are used correctly every time you have sex, are an important protection against most STIs. STIs are passed by body fluids, so a possible risk is the passage of any body fluid onto a mucosal membrane.


There is the risk that you might have a STI if you have had a previous sexual relationship. Because some diseases have no symptoms in the early stages, you can be infected without being conscious of it. Having yourself and your partner checked is the best move. You can use Chlamydia Testing Kits London way from company like where you can complete the test in the privacy of your own home.

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