How to tell if your cat is mixed with bobcat
Cats who roam outdoors tend to stick close to home, having a big impact on local wildlife.

How to tell if your cat is mixed with bobcat?

Cats are by far one of the most popular pets in the world today. While there’s nothing better than a loyal, loving cat, it can be difficult to tell when your cat is mixed with a bobcat. In this article we’ll look at some ways to try and tell if your cat is mixed with a bobcat.

What are the identifying traits of a Bobcat?

How to tell if your cat is mixed with bobcat

There are a few identifying traits of a Bobcat that can help you to determine if your cat is mixed with one. The first thing to look for is the size difference between a Bobcat and a domestic cat. A Bobcat typically measures in at around 24-36 inches long, while a domestic cat averages around 20-24 inches long. The next thing to look for is their fur color. A Bobcat’s fur is typically reddish-orange in color, while a domestic cat’s fur is typically black or brown. Lastly, a Bobcat has elongated ears and a shorter tail than a domestic cat. If any of these criteria match your cat, it may be possible that they are mixed with a Bobcat.

How to tell if your cat is mixed with bobcat?

The easiest way to tell if your cat is mixed with a bobcat is to look for the distinctive marking. Both cats have long, straight hair on their heads and necks, but the bobcat has a long tail while the domestic cat has a short tail. Additionally, the bobcat’s fur is much rougher than that of a domestic cat, and it has larger eyes. Finally, the bobcat has a more rounded face than that of a domestic cat.

If you have a cat with orange fur and dark stripes, then it’s possible that it is part bobcat. The bobcat has the same orange fur as most of the domestic cats in the United States. However, many domestic cats don’t have any markings on their bodies. The only way to be sure that this cat may be part bobcat is to look at its DNA—if you want to be extra sure, ask your veterinarian to run tests on it.

Can bobcat mate with domestic cat?

Yes, bobcat can mate with domestic cats. The mating process is relatively short and infrequent compared to other Felidae species, but according to the Colorado State University Extension Service, “it can produce fertile offspring.” Can a female bobcat display her kittens in public?. Yes, this is possible. The Denver Zoo in Colorado did this periodically for years.

According to the Denver Zoo, “We do not have an active program for the captive rearing of wild caught animals at present.” It is possible that some wildlife sanctuaries are willing to take them in and care for them, but it’s also unknown if/how they can be released into the wild after being hand reared by humans.


If you’re ever worried that your cat might be mixed with a bobcat, there are a few ways to determine for sure. First, if your cat has the typical domestic housecat features like a short tail and round ears, but also some of the physical traits of a bobcat, then chances are good that your cat is mixed with a bobcat. Second, if you’ve been able to track down where in the world your cat originally came from and found out that they were bred in captivity with bobcats (usually this means they were born into a household with one or more bobcats), then your cat is likely mixed with a bobcat. And finally, if you have had any close encounters or interactions with wild animals (like being chased by an animal) and suspect that something may have scared away or attacked your kitty before – even if it was just for a second – then it’s likely that your cat is mixed with one too!

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