Security Guard Might Use

Interesting Items a Security Guard Might Use

Have you ever wondered about the different tools security guards use while they’re working? Security officers serve a very important function to protect property and people from harm. While they’re on the job, security guards use several different gadgets to get their job done.

Gun Apparel

Many times, a security officer will do their job armed with a firearm. When a person has to work all day long while carrying a gun, they might benefit from using some type of concealment gear. Certain apparel that’s used to carry weapons can keep the wearer more comfortable.

Pepper Spray

Guns aren’t necessary to use all the time when you’re a security guard. When milder altercations occur that still require the use of force, pepper spray can be used to deter attackers. Mace or pepper spray works by using the same chemical that’s found in spicy peppers. This burns the eyes of the assailant and makes it hard for them to see for a few minutes up to a few hours after being sprayed.


Another common item in a security guard’s toolbelt is usually one or more pairs of handcuffs. Just like police use, guards use handcuffs to detain a person. Cuffs also help keep a person from hurting themselves or other people while security waits for the police to come to pick them up.


Oftentimes you’ll find a two-way radio in the toolbelt of most security guards. A security force benefits from using radios to communicate with one another across a large area of land. They also make good tools to communicate with a dispatcher while on the job to relay important information.

These are just a few of the many tools regularly used by security officers to do their jobs. Officers use many other objects to help people and places stay safe.

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