How to Keep Your Home Warm AND Save Money

The cold weather leaves us miserable and praying for summer to arrive. It also impacts our finances. People are constantly searching for ways to keep their home warm without cranking up the heating.

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The costs of heating a home continue to grow. Here are some tips to save some much-needed money.

Use a Timer

Don’t let your heating constantly run. It costs a lot of money and will take a dent out of your monthly budget. A timer allows you to control when your heating turns on and saves significant sums. You should set your timer to turn on a couple of hours before you wake up in the morning and for a couple of hours in the evening. This way your home will stay warm when needed without the need to have the heating constantly running.

Research Deals

There are many companies offering energy deals, so by researching which one will save you the most money you’ll be able to cut costs. Some companies have deals for single people and others take families into account yet still provide cost-effective price plans.

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Use Your Radiators

Condensation can be a problem in winter. It causes wall damp and will make your room colder. Experts say leaving your heating set to low but your radiators to full will keep the problem at bay.

Aluminium radiators are popular as they provide heat and come in many styles. You can find them at specialists such as

Other Ways to Save Money

. Wear a jumper. It’s simple yet effective!
. Find a draught excluder or draught excluding strips to put under your doors.
. Get your boiler regularly serviced to ensure it works properly and doesn’t cost you money in the long-term.
. Spend some money insulating your loft. A short-term cost provides long-term savings.
. Radiator reflector panels sit behind a radiator and reflect heat back into the room.
. Purchase a rug for hardwood floors, it’ll stop extra heat from escaping and won’t cost you much money.
. Thick curtains make a room look darker but trap heat from escaping.
. Turn down your thermostat. Most people have theirs set to the early 20’s but having it set to 18℃ works just as well.

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