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Making your wedding photography creative enough to stand out from the crowd

Wedding photography is one of the most competitive industries and is constantly evolving as trends change and new techniques develop. There is a constant wealth of creativity available online as photographers share their new shots; however, some photographers find it easier to replicate rather than dig for originality.

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In many cases the most acclaimed wedding photographers are also talented portrait artists. There are steps you can take to bridge the gap and make your work stand out, such as establishing your own style, tuning in to your subjects’ emotions, and meticulously planning ahead.

Show everyone at their best

Rather than seeing a group of people, see a collection of individuals. Pose each individual as they feel comfortable, taking their lead to enable them to show off their personality. Your images will show a lot more emotion in this way.


The outfits might be stiff and formal, but your photos shouldn’t be. The more movement you can incorporate into your images, the more interesting they are likely to be. We’ve all seen shots of the wedding party running across the lawn, however, so try to think of something more original.

Frame it

Give your images another dimension by shooting through other objects. A Worcester wedding photographer might think car windows, wedding rings, or even someone’s hands.

Space out

Don’t be afraid to use space in your frame ‒ there was never a rule that said everyone in a photograph has to be so close that no gap is seen. Give the pictures extra levels. The same is the case if you are photographing the couple: use the backdrop and the venue to create a really memorable image.

Professionals such as Worcester wedding photographer dcphotographic have developed their own unique style, and photographers and brides are setting the trends in the creative aspects of wedding photography with fresh ideas such as themed group shots and stop motion videos.

If you are shooting a wedding, you are likely to have clients with specific ideas about what they want from their photographs. Make sure you have these shots in the can before you start experimenting, as it is only worth taking risks and trying something new once you have the requisite photos. After this, you just might uncover the next trend.

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