When a man needs his man cave

In the 1990’s a relationship book cam out that shocked the world. It was Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It made the assertion that the sexes had once lived on different planets and had come to the Earth out of necessity. Effectively we were to alien races attempting to communicate and get along. However, we both wanted different things and had different cultures and out looks on life. How then can we become more compatible? This was, of course just an analogy but it struck a cord with many at the time.

One of the features it talked about was “the Man cave” so much so that it entered into the vernacular. The idea was that a Man need a place to retreat, He need a shed, a room or bit of space amongst the Garage Shelving that he could call his own. In fact, a bit of garage shelving might help make him get that cave. Go to  https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/.

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It won’t surprise many women to find out that the book was written by a man. Here he was proposing that you let the man go for into his own little private space where he can be a man with his man mates. You cannot bother hi in there it is his sanctuary. Need him to go to shops? Can’t, in me man cave. Need him to go collect your mother from the station? Can’t, in me man cave. Need him to go out to work and play an active role in society and be a more productive unit. Can’t, in me man cave. You can see where this is going can’t you?

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Anyway, we don’t need to worry about them What can you put in the man cave anyway? That is up to you. Most men seem to start with a Bar and the biggest TV they can find. The putting up of inappropriate pictures of girls and bands seem to be allowed and also a nice loud stereo system. There is one tricky choice, X-Box or Playstation? Decisions, decisions! What do we sit on. Easy Bar stools but the man must have his man cave proper chair, something in red leather perhaps. It must also have to have a lock on the door as we don’t want any women getting in.

In some respects, the concept wasn’t that new. American men had had a “den” for years. “Where’s Pop? A wanna play ball” Young Elmer Jnr would ask. “He’s in the den”, the Martha Stewart type Mom would say, and Elmer Jnr would go in and find Pop smoking a pipe and reading about the threat of Communism and whether he should start building a Fallout shelter. In reality then, it gave Men permission to have their teenage bedrooms back but in a way they could only have dreamed off at the time. I’m off to mine know. Don’t tell Elmer Jnr.

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