Playing Rugby has benefits

Rugby has a reputation for having more than its fair share of injuries. As with all contact sports, there will always be risks associated with playing team sports, but the health benefits outweigh these risks.

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Any physical activity is good for the heart, lungs and general fitness and wellbeing, but rugby in particular requires several physical strengths which, when combined, create a good player. Studies have proved that players can cover a distance of up to five kilometres in a single game, and much of this will be at high speed and so is great for cardiovascular fitness and training.


The levels of activity inevitably change throughout the match and include walking, jogging and sprinting. There is also a lot or aerobic exercise involved in the game, such as when participating in the scrum. This means that the game is played in a very similar way to a gym training session, where rests are taken in between periods of high-intensity exercise.

Several areas of the body and all key muscle groups are used by rugby players, from the lower body for running and strength to the upper body for throwing, which involves working the core section of the body.

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As England look to continue their autumn Internationals this month, the nation’s love of the sport shows no sign of waning, with speculation and interest as strong as ever.


Apart from the obvious health benefits of exercise, rugby can also help with the body’s reaction to insulin, reducing the risk of suffering from age-related diabetes. It can also help control the body’s reaction to inflammation and so help reduce the symptoms of health conditions causing inflammation in the body.  Although it is a healthy sport there is still a lot of contact involved so the organiser of the games will need to put Events Medical Cover in place found at locations like to protect the players involved and also the people watching.
Rugby training is similar to that of a competitive sprinter and therefore a great way to lose fat and develop lean muscle.


As with all exercise, playing rugby is a great remedy for stress-related problems, including insomnia and digestion issues. It also produces endorphins into the blood stream, improving overall mood and feelings of well-being. Team sport has many benefits – not just health and fitness. It can create a sense of comradeship and achievement, and players can share the highs and lows together.


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