Pothole Problems

Are you sick of the state of the nation’s roads? The issue of potholes doesn’t seem to be going away, with millions of pounds worth of damage being done to cars, motorbikes and cyclists every year. If you hit one without seeing it, you know about it! Our roads are busy places and suffer exposure to the elements for years. You’ll be especially annoyed if you’ve just taken delivery of your new lease. For Car leasing Leicester, visit https://leasing.totalmotion.co.uk/

Potholes are dips, gouges or literal holes in the road formed by weakening, displacement or deterioration of the surface materials. Winter and Spring are prime time for potholes forming, with the impact of ice, snow and rain causing weakness to the base layers. Summer can also worsen conditions if the temperature gets hot enough to melt damaged surfaces. The weight of cars driving over the surface causes cracks and chips, resulting in a pothole forming. These potholes grow bigger as more vehicles travel over them without getting fixed.

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If you drive through or over a pothole, it will most likely make a horrible noise and you’ll feel the car jolt. There are four main areas that can be damaged by hitting potholes, so here are the areas you need to check:


As the only part of the car that touches the road, they are the most susceptible to damage in the event of hitting a pothole. Damage can include punctures, separation of the treads and sidewall bulges. The hard edge of the pothole impacts the tyre, pushing it against the wheel. This can slice the rubber or snap the belts that hold the tyre together. If a tyre has separated treads or a bulging sidewall, it will need replacing immediately. Low profile tyres are especially susceptible to pothole damage. It can help to always ensure your tyres are properly inflated.


A car’s suspension is specially designed to absorb impacts, but it will always have a limit. The sudden jolting and jarring of hitting potholes can cause a range of suspension problems. Your suspension can become misaligned, damage can occur to struts and shock absorbers and ball joints can fracture. A misaligned suspension can often be fixed by a mechanic, but the steering will feel off until its fixed and your tyres will suffer uneven wear. If you notice a rough ride, the steering pulling to one side or strange noises after hitting a pothole, have your car inspected by a garage.

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Scraping your wheel trims is annoying but doesn’t do anywhere near the level of damage that a pothole can. The angle you hit a pothole can lead to cracks, bends, scratches and bends as the force of the impact is more than the wheel can handle. Chipped or cracked wheels might be ruined completely, whereas a bent wheel might be saved with repairs.


As exhaust pipes are located on the undercarriage, they are another prime target for those lurking potholes. Scraping is one problem but hitting one at speed can also rip holes in or dent the exhaust pipe or catalytic converter. Either way, you’re looking at a trip to the mechanic and a repair bill you could live without.

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