Do we really know the remedies for hiccups? Maybe not everyone!

Do we really know the remedies for hiccups?

In one of the most classic comic strips, the Peanuts, Charlie Brown. Talking about happiness says that it can be like “… the hiccup after it’s passed!” A true liberation. Rightly, however, first of all, we must let it pass and on the remedies against hiccups. Between the sacred and the profane and therefore between tradition and science. We can indulge ourselves. But let’s go in order and try to understand why we get hiccups. Here are the best remedies for hiccups.

How and why the hiccup occursDo we really know the remedies for hiccups? Maybe not everyone!

-This disorder, which can generally be defined as a nuisance. Occurs when the diaphragm, a muscle of the respiratory system, contracts in a repeated and involuntary manner, altering its normal functioning.

-Sometimes the nerve becomes irritated for several reasons, even trivial. Or for routine administration: after drinking carbonated drinks. Perhaps with a frenzy due to excessive thirst (the same is true for alcoholic beverages), when one drinks too abundantly and quickly. Or because of sudden changes in temperature, states of anxiety, agitation or stress. It is one of the best tips for remedies for hiccups.

-The official sound of hiccups is due to the valve (glottis) which separates the respiratory system from the digestive system, which abruptly closes with each contraction of the diaphragm and gives us the characteristic “hic!”  It is one of the best tips for remedies for hiccups.

-To the most common reasons that explain the causes of hiccups. There are other reasons linked to real pathologies, such as in the case of pericarditis (the inflammation of the pericardium, the sheath that binds the heart) or gastroesophageal reflux. In this situation, is an irritation of the phrenic nerve. And in part of the central nervous system, a specialist gastroenterological examination is advisable and. If not sufficient, a neurological examination.

Prevention and remedies against hiccupsDo we really know the remedies for hiccups? Maybe not everyone!

Where it is possible to intervene in our daily habits, here are some remedies for hiccups: to prevent it we could avoid eating or drinking too quickly. We could force ourselves to chew our food well before swallowing it. And to limit alcoholic drinks and foods that are too hot or too cold.

However, if the hiccup surprises us, you can indulge yourself by using grandma’s advice. Or suggestions from those who have tested effective remedies against hiccups over time.

Beginning, in order of appearance, from the method suggested already more than 2000 years ago by Hippocrates: he advised to hold your breath and stay in apnea for 10-25 seconds. This maneuver causes the diaphragm to relax and must be preceded by deep inspiration.

And continue: quickly drink small sips of water, stimulate a sneeze. Quickly swallow a spoonful of sugar, take a teaspoon of vinegar or pure lemon juice, compress an acupuncture point inside of the auricles, breathe in a paper bag resting it on the mouth, resting the knees on the chest. And we want to forget the induced “frightening” evergreen? All these remedies against hiccups are based on a principle: that of stimulating the diaphragm to return to its usual position.

If it is an occasional episode within a few seconds or at most a few minutes, everything is resolved. If the infamous “hic!” Persists, it is almost always linked to some pathology. In this case, the opinion of your doctor is needed or you can learn more with the help of an expert. This is really the best remedies for hiccups.