Samsung Galaxy S7: With The Sky Performance

Samsung smartphones are always toping the benchmark test results and the reason behind them is the most powerful solution. Also, recently Samsung tops each smartphone with the revealed Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge performance level and our question is, where Samsung would take the performance of 2016 smartphone, yes we are concerned about the Samsung Galaxy S7, the future of Galaxy S series.

As mentioned, Samsung like to top the result in benchmarks for example, the mid higher range Samsung Galaxy A7 has done the same in recent past and during normal operation platform of Galaxy A7 shows better performance than his popular younger brothers – chips 400 series. At the same time, the capabilities of the platform markedly inferior solutions line Snapdragon 800. The RAM is 2GB, built-in – 16 GB. On other hand, in the Galaxy S6 everything is doubled almost, like 4GB RAM, octa-core processor with better clocking frequency, double resolution and better battery. So, it is correct that Samsung has broken all records in the benchmark results with the Galaxy S6. And if you notice, slowly and gradually Samsung smartphone and tablet performance is reaching towards the performance level of laptops and it would not surprise if Samsung Galaxy S7 would manage to cross the level of your present laptop in terms of graphics and computing performance.

We would definitely see the miracle in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone in terms of performance but in few things Samsung is lacking for example the multimedia section, in the Galaxy A7 has a normal volume and quality of the speakers, tangible vibrator. On other hand, HTC is ahead with its HTCBoomsound technology, so what you are connecting is right that Samsung should also have such quality speakers in the Samsung Galaxy S7, so Samsung fans would not have anything about to complain.

Samsung is following the same design of Galaxy A7 in the Galaxy S6 with non-separable housing fitted with a battery capacity of 2600 mAh. Given the relative performance of the platform and the big screen should not count on a long time smartphone is likely it will be typical – day and a half, depending on the load and used a set of applications. But with the battery life Samsung would not beat its rivals for example the Sony Xperia Z3. So, Samsung should work on something special battery that could last for days in heavy use and if it would be possible for the Galaxy S7, then cross your fingers for something better and surprising.

Also, we need a revolution in the camera section; the recent Galaxy A7 has the main camera with 13 megapixel with autofocus and the front camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. As always, there are a variety of shooting modes, including the new-fangled shooting “selfies”, when you can take a picture using a gesture with hands. But better camera could take the Samsung smartphones ahead to the Apple iPhone. Visit for more gadget tips.

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