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Sculpture is an art form that takes a solid material and transforms it into a different shape or form. Some of the finest examples in history were created by Michelangelo and Donatello during the Italian Renaissance. It is not stuck in the history books though and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in modern artwork. As art is taught in schools across the country, should this include sculpture?

There are a number of benefits to including sculpture in the art curriculum. It inspires the following:

  • Self-discipline
  • Patience
  • Working to a deadline
  • Hard work and determination
  • Project work

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You can pretty much use any material with an artistic mind when it comes to sculpting including rubber, plastic and metal.  Off course some manufacturers do their own kind of sculpting with metals but with machinery like Electric Press Brakes at sites like It is amazing the productivity it increases and the quality.

Getting involved in sculpting also increases artistic ability, regardless of initial talent. It challenges the imagination and creativity of a student and helps to encourage students to hone their skills through different techniques and development.

Sculpting also encourages observational skills as students will need to look at objects in the world in great detail, perhaps in a completely new light. It develops the ability to focus on details, spend time in observation and analyse what they are seeing. All great and transferable skills for other subjects and life experience.

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Hand-eye co-ordination and manipulation is also trained when students engage in sculpting. Using their eyes and hands to manipulate materials provides a greater appreciation of 3~D shapes and the objects around them. This developing skill can be applied to many tasks in life, such as mending and fixing things, making things and even home decorating and DIY.

Sculpting is an ideal activity for boosting analytical skills. The student will learn how one object or shape works, how it relates to other materials and shapes and the importance of that information. Problem-solving is further developed, which has benefits for almost every area of life.

A greater appreciation for the world around them, nature and the environment are also spawned when individuals get into sculpting on a regular basis. Objects that might not have been noticed before are suddenly observed and their beauty appreciated. What greater gift is there than being able to see more of the beauty in the world around you, whether that is animals, inanimate objects, people or places. It fosters the attitude that beauty can be seen anywhere.

An increased sense of culture can also be experienced, for the individual who creates the piece of artwork and for those who behold it. It offers the chance to express oneself, where the only limits are the imagination and what their hands can manipulate.It provides the perfect outlet for students to express how they feel about the world in a medium that is highly durable and can be displayed to family, friends and fellow students.


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