Six ways to improve member retention

Growing an organisation can be challenging when members keep dropping out. Ensuring that present members remain determined to be part of the group has more effective returns than trying to recruit new people to shore up falling numbers.

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Don’t be shy to communicate the benefits of being a member. You can’t assume they know – people need to be reminded. Adding new benefits every now and then will not hurt either, and all benefits should be excellent quality and relevant.


Boost loyalty by making sure you know what your members want and need. Investigate what competitors are offering, and make sure your offerings are competitive, and that your members are reminded of the value they receive by being a member.

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Turn a fresh eye on marketing. Maybe your newsletters and regular emails could do with a revamp or some reformatting. Invigorate your members and get their attention with a new look and feel. For more ways of improving your communications strategy, see this report from The Guardian.

Be proactive

Make sure that every person who is part of the organisation knows that retaining members is part of their job. Everyone is an ambassador for the group and should be well versed in its benefits.

Member retention

If people do leave, then find out why they did and use this as an opportunity to learn about problems and look at ways of solving them.

You might also want to think about a loyalty scheme. This could boost loyalty and member retention, but this needs to be planned carefully to manage costs and rewards. Specialists in Membership Management Systems could assist with planning a viable programme. If you want to know more about what Membership Management Systems could do for your organisation, it would be a good idea to contact experts in the field such as who can provide options, guidance and advice.

Care and attention

An organisation and its membership is a dynamic enterprise, which requires care and attention to keep it in good health. Listen to your membership, be responsive to its needs and goals and help people to get the most from their membership so that they, in turn, will be even more loyal and happily extol the virtues of your organisation to others.

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