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I am a food loving person. I always want to taste something unique and different. I fed up of eating in restaurants. The crowd over there forces me to eat less than my appetite. So I decided to order online and eat at my place and according to my will. I installed the app of TinyOwl and started checking the menu. Finally I decided to order vegetable Manchurian with fried rice. Actually there are lots of options available there and to choose the one cuisine is a difficult task.

The order is placed in just a click and I prefer to pay on delivery. After 45 minutes of placing the order the bell rung and I got my box. The aroma coming out of this box makes me feel craving. Now I am ready to eat my Manchurian with Fried rice. I like this dish as it is unique and gives you a unique taste. But it is the time to taste the dish from Tinyowl. When I take the first gnaw of Manchurian mixed with fried rice. Its perfect taste dissolves in my mouth. And its taste is never forgettable. I really lost in its delicious taste. The gravy is thick and luscious. The rice is of standard quality and is well cooked. I personally feel that there is nothing as tasty as the unique combination of Manchurian with fried rice. The Manchurian balls are soft, crispy and flavorful. The vegetable stuffing inside them is cooked properly and gives the perfect taste of various flavors. Both the Manchurian and rice complemented each other. It is my amazing meal at great prize and I feel great tasting fresh food with beautiful rich flavors and lovely customer service. Prices are the same as the menu of the restaurants. I personally recommend everyone to experience the taste of varied varieties of dishes of TinyOwl. I cannot explain you my experience with TinyOwl.

TinyOwlFood Ordering

It is my first order that I had placed in TinyOwl. I was completely satisfied with the taste of the food I had ordered and the services provided by them are amazing. They place my order in set time and don’t take a single minute apart from the order placing time. It is the best app to order food and get the desired results in less time. It is convenient and there are two modes of payment options are available with site. One can pay by using cards or can make payment through cash on delivery mode. One can place order anytime, anywhere. They provide the delivery of the food products 24*7. A team of efficient and skilled delivery boys are always present to make the delivery on time. The TinyOwl is launched with some set goals like to educate the people with the different varieties of food options available to them. As per their opinion making of food is an art. It is their firm belief that a best quality food material is ordered to the customers on demand. Being a food lover I placed one more order with TinyOwl and waiting for this new and amazing recipe from one and only app of TinyOwl.

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