Top games to relieve stress

You do not have to invest a fortune to fight your problems of anguish. Here I propose 5 mobile games to treat anxiety from your smartphone.

People who suffer from anxiety are aware of how difficult it is to deal with this unpleasant feeling that produces great distress. That is why the vast majority resort to therapy sessions to take a psychological treatment.

But what happens if you do not have enough budget to pay for your appointment with the psychologist? Happily, I have a handful of useful applications that will help you take a great deal of weight off stress.

Kick the Boss

This game may seem a bit macabre, although I personally am very funny. In Kick the Boss we can relieve ourselves by hitting our boss, a funny big-headed doll of South Park style. We can slap him, shoot him with a bazooka or use 80 more weapons, depending on what we need to release tensions against him. The best thing is that your download is free.

Magic Piano

And to relax nothing better than a little quiet music. Magic Piano is a great application in my opinion. Just by touching the light beams that appear on the screen we will be playing very nice piano melodies. We can control the rhythm and the tempo to which we are playing the notes. It has more than 200 songs, from classical music to rock songs. Your download is free and new songs are added every week.

Monster Warlord

I’ve always been attracted to stories and monster games. Monster Warlord is full of good reviews from users. In this free download game we have to capture the strongest and weirdest monsters that will stalk us along the way. We can ally ourselves with other players who are as hooked as we are to overcome our battles. The most attractive thing in my opinion is that we can also combine two monsters to create weird, weird, weird bugs. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.

Rail Rush

A game to release a bit of adrenaline and imagine that we travel inside a mine. In Rail Rush, one of the 4 characters we choose will travel between spider webs, caves, waterfalls and rails collecting gold and precious stones. At the same time, many surprises will cross our path. And I do not tell you more. If you want to know the world of Rail Rush, proceed to its free download and the distraction will be assured.


Online casino games are always popular and enjoying to play, like these awesome arcade slot game. Starburst slots is a colorful, fast-paced game that is easy to learn and fun to play. Players will enjoy the up-tempo pace of this exciting game. This combines traditional wild symbols with Starburst Wilds, symbols that appear throughout the reels in play. The right combinations have the potential to significantly boost winning values and can deliver big payouts to lucky players. The possibility of winning big makes this a very attractive game to players of all skill levels.  Great thing that these apps are available both on android and iOS users.  You can download and play William Hill apps for free.

And these are my proposals. If you try these games, I assure you that you will keep your mind occupied and forget the accumulated stress. Enjoy the games and with your android!

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