What high priced items should you protect in your store?

Shops sell all kinds of different products and although the stores might differ in their size style and the products they offer, one thing they all have in common is the need to protect their products from thieves and shoplifters. There are many ways that this can be done from security staff and CCTV through to the use of a Security Seal like the ones from Acme Seals on your high priced items. But what items should you think about protecting in this way?

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Alcohol – wines and spirits are common products to have security tags on them. This is because they are classed as high theft items. There are a number of seals that can be used including those that prevent them from being opened to plastic boxes that prevent them from being accessed in the first place. In some cases, dummy bottles are put on the shelves with real ones accessed once they are purchased.

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Jewellery – jewellery has always been a theft risk and in most cases, it isn’t practical to have all your jewellery items tagged individually. This is why high-end jewellers will have security cabinets that are locked and contain their products.

Electronics – electronic items such as computers are of course an incredibly high theft risk which is why they are often all electronically tagged in one way or another and this also applies to products such as dvds and cds.

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