What types of mining is there in the world today

At one time being a miner was the one thing that people aspired to be. The job was dangerous but the rewards were huge. By the 1960’s and 70’s safety was paramount. Its just a shame that this was when the coal mines were slowly being phased out to quell the consolidated workforce and unionism (at least in the UK). What types of mining are there today? It is tough and dirty work and you can be sure that mens Levi jeans would have been worn by miners past and present.  You can get some today at EJ Menswear.

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  1. Block caving. This is a risky gravity based way of mining. A thin horizontal line is cut and the miner just waits for the gravity to cause the upper level to collapse. They can then go through the rubble of something useful.
  2. Cut and filling mining. In this process the after work is important to stop any issues of collapsing afterwards. Horizontal strips are cut in the hill side and when the ore is won it is filled with sand and rocks to stop there being any issues afterwards.

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  1. Screw conveyors. The miners prep a hole behind the coal seam and bring in an auger drill. This constantly digs into the seam where the auger drill is reversed. This pulls the coal out of the ground and transfers them to be sorted and collected.
  2. Long wall mining. A large slice of seam is worked constantly with supports added as the moved deeper into the structure of the mountain. As soon as the seam is used up the next is worked as so on.

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