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At the start of the twentieth century medical science was beginning to really understand how the human body worked and also, importantly how to cure it. Microbes and bacteria were finally acknowledged as the cause of human illness and disease but the real challenge now was how to treat and cure it. It was widely known that antiseptics were capable of killing bugs but internally there were no available options short of mercury. Blood poisoning and sexual disease such as Syphilis and Gonorrhea were life ending and debilitating and there was nothing that could be done even though medical scientists and Doctors understood what caused it. STI test London companies are still very important to this day and a visit to www.checkurself.org.uk/plus/home_sti_kits/ could help you avoid any problems. Our world was changed with a chance discovery but a Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming in 1928. It’s a manner of the complicated development of the drug that it didn’t start being used until 1945.

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Penicillin comes from a mould. Mould was known to have possible antibacterial properties and its ability to combat germs but how it did it or why was still a mystery. It was also proving to be impossible nail down how it could be utilised and manufactured even if it was found to work. By complete accident Fleming, who had been attempting to isolate mould and its uses noticed that one particular type stopped the growing of the bacteria Staphylococci which was responsible for blood poisoning in its tracks. At first he thought that he had discovered another antiseptic by given that the mould compound did not affect the other organs in the body as aggressively then it might prove to be a cure that could be used internally.

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Fleming was abysmal at conveying anything and it is a strange fact to consider that one of the greatest discoveries to humankind was almost lost because the person who found it was terribly dull and boring. The sad fact is that if Fleming had been more of a people person then the world would have had Penicillin much sooner. Even so Fleming was able to stabilise and develop Penicillin and was able to establish that it was not harmful to animals or humans.

It was 10 years later before the Australian scientist Howard Florey and Ernst Chain realised that there was more to the findings than the scientific community thought. The began developing penicillin, so that it cured bacterial infection in mice, with the close work and study of the teams Norman Heatley. Once this was accepted the drug was passed onto the pharmaceutical giants of the USA and Penicillin was ready for the world.

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