Where Does Bamboo Grow?

This is a common question asked by many people who are new to the subject or simply looking for some basic information on where bamboo comes from. The bamboo plant is a very common crop grown throughout Asia but what most people do not realise is that it actually grows all over the globe. Bamboo can grow anywhere where there is enough moisture, even in poor soil conditions. If you have a look at your gardening books or browse on the internet you will find pictures of bamboo growing all over the place.

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The bamboo plant is a grass and these plants are found on grasslands and swamps in India, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. They are more closely related to wheat grass than they are to any other grass. If you’re interested in products made from this hardy, sustainable plant then consider a Bamboo Toothbrush from bambooth.com/

Bamboo is highly sustainable as it is one of the fastest growing plants. It’s fast growth and ability to thrive in less than ideal conditions make it easy to cultivate. Bamboo is used for building structures in many tropical regions as it has a strength to weight ratio similar to that of timber.

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Bamboo grows in two ways, either ‘running’ or ‘clumping’. Clumping bamboo tends to grow more densely and slowly, whereas running bamboo needs a higher level of maintenance and cultivation due to its rapid growth, invasive nature and often aggressive behaviour.

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