Why a  new extension might be the answer.

If you’ve decided that moving is not an option and you’d rather stay where you are, but you still need the space, an extension is possibly the answer. There are many advantages to this as the building of an extension could well be cheaper than going through the process of buying a new home and selling you existing one plus all the cost of conveyancing and removal. Raising a second mortgage or Further advance on the existing property is quicker and easier plus the extension will raise the properties value so that when you do move on this second cost will be covered.

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The function of the extension in the future will define the materials that you use. If you are looking for a simple summer house conservatory extension then the traditional routes are fine but if you want something that is long lasting, hard wearing and looks beautiful then Oak Framed Extensions like those from https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-frame-extension/ offers a wonderful solution. Not only can this versatile traditional structure make excellent ground floor additions they can be built over existing ground floor levels to make a striking second level affording you amazing views.

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If you are after a second bedroom, utility room or bathroom, to accommodate an elderly relative for example,  then the traditional brick and breeze block will be a more suitable material to use. In all instances this could well be the answer to the problems that you currently face.


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