Why We Love Tea

Tea is one of the drinks that we all enjoy but why do we love it so much? Is it because of its pleasant taste, perhaps an acquired taste but certainly one worth savouring? Or perhaps it is because of its health benefits – tea can help us lose weight, aid digestion and even cleanse our bodies of harmful toxins. But why do we love tea so much? And what are some of the health benefits of tea that make it such a drink to crave and enjoy?

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For starters, tea is natural and therefore safe for most people. This means that even children, who sometimes have problems with artificial chemicals, can safely take tea. There’s also the wonderful taste – perfect for dunking a biscuit! Then there’s the heat – tea is a great choice for cold days as it warms your body and relaxes you. For more information on Anti bloating tea, visit https://www.vivolife.com/blogs/news/5-herbal-teas-to-beat-the-bloat-and-improve-digestion

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In fact, tea can be a great stressbuster! Scientific research has shown that tea can reduce the levels of cortisol, which is known to cause stress and aches. It is a substance that we all need to cope well within our everyday lives and so reducing its intake can really make a difference to us. It’s also a strong antioxidant and has the ability to heal and protect our bodies from damage. So then – if you’re feeling stressed, maybe a cup of tea could be just what you need.


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